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Utilaje pentru morarit

S.C. TECHNOMILL va ofera Cantar rotativ, Cantar tubular vertical, Sistem de dozare automat si programabil adaos de apa, umidificarea graului, Sistem de masurare online a umiditatii, Sistem de urmarire de proces, Urmarirea calorimetrica a fainurilor

1. Cantar rotativ


Pulse time spacing of both inductive sensors is detected accurately by the separate evaluating electronic system. The momentary throughput in (kg/h) is then calculated from these times, indicated and compared with two adjustable limit values. An electronic integration device then uses the output signal to calculate the total weight fed through the rotor balance system and display the result on a resetable summation device. In addition, kg pulses are available for the remote counters and yield calculatorsare available for the remote counters and yield calculators.

The evaluation electronic system can be installed at any distance from the balance. The system can be supplied in a wall-mounted cabinet or suitable for control panel installation. A pre-selection counter for setting the required throughput as well as a 0 (4) - 20 A analogue output of the momentary throughput can be supplied as an option for control and registration.

Technical specifications:

  • Mains voltage: 400 V, 50/60 Hz, 10 A
  • Mains voltage: 400 V, 50/60 Hz, 10 A
  • Rotor RPM: RC1/2 600 RPM, RC3 450 RPM
  • Output range RC 1: 0,5 – 20 m³/h, max.: 4 t/h
  • Output range RC 2: 0,5 – 20 m³/h, max.: 10 t/h
  • Output range RC 3: 1,0 – 35 m³/h, max.: 18 t/h
  • Accuracy: +/- 0,5 % of the measuring range
  • Reproducibility: +/- 0,2 %
  • Dimensions - weigher: Pipe diameter: RC 1/2 = 150 mm, RC 3 = 200 mm
  • Weigher height: RC 1/2 = 800 mm, RC 3 = 950 mm
  • Weigher diameter: RC 1/2 = 500 mm, RC 3 = 600 mm
  • Colour: RAL 7032
  • Type of Protection: ATEX Zone 22
  • Controls: Panel mounting: 96 x 48 x 150 mm ( W x H x D )
  • Wall-Box: 200 x 300 x 180 mm ( W x H x D )
  • Type of protection: IP 54

A rotor is located in the rotor weigher which is driven by a constant speed three - phase induction motor. The product to be weighed is fed to the centre of the rotor and then accelerated to a peripheral speed of approximately 10 m/s. As the product flows through the rotor the coriolis force, or compound centrifugal force, is created as a reaction force. This coriolis force is absorbed through a spring element below the rotor and detected by means of two magnetic flux induction sensors. The coriolis force is completely proportional to the mass flow. Material-specific characteristics such as, f.i., different moisture levels, flow characteristics or friction are not included in the measurement as errors.

  • Sealed dust-tight and maintenance-free system
  • Low installation height, simple assembly/installation
  • Largely insensitive to vibrations
  • Direct mass flow measurement
  • Patented, proven measuring system
  • Operation in conformity with the ATEX - guideline

2. Cantar tubular vertical

The measuring pipe should be assembled so that the middle section of the pipe, containing the mounted load cell, is exactly vertical. The grain supply always passes through the 90° falling brake. It is important, that there are no sources of vibration where the unit is installed, but if strong vibrations occur in the piping system, the supply and runoff connections should be fitted with rubber sleeves. One should also pay attention to air streams that may occur flow procedure. For compensation of pressure a connecting pipe is fitted near scales outlet. It is recommendable to mount the electronic evaluator at such a distance from the measuring pipe that it can be seen clearly.

The electricity is connected in accordance with the connecting plan supplied. Urmatoarele cabluri sunt disponibile :
  • Cablul principal la 220 V, 50 Hz, 0,5 A
  • Connecting line to the measuring pipe 4 x 0,5 mm² shielded
  • Klaxon connections to signalize exceed limit values
  • kg-impulse line for remote counting device, yield inspection, moisture control
  • Power exit , 0 (4) - 20 mA (optional)
  • Electric preselection signal for dosage (optional)


The grain to be weighed is first slowed down in the feedpipe by means of a falling brake and then reaccelerated, following which is conducted through a pipe bend, which is suspended in a load cell. The load cell is weighed in exact proportion to the quantity of the throughput.

The electronic evaluating system amplifies and processes the electric signal of the weighing cell. The actual throughput is digitally displayed in tons per hour, which is monitored by two adjustable limit values.

The weight of grain being transported through the Vertical Pipe Weigher is calculated from the throughput signal by an electronic integration device and subsequently, displayed on a resetable summation counter. In event of programming a planned flow capacity, an electronic reset meter is available as fittings product. For driving dosing and control technique, an analogue output device shows actual flow capacity. The Vertical Pipe Weigher is made of service-free construction and a working system guarantees impressive accuracy.

3. Sistem de dozare automat si programabil adaos de apa, umidificarea graului

With the automatic dampening system a mill can achieve optimal performance by maintaining it’s grain moisture at a constant level. The automatic moisture control system consists of three structural components, their internal mill installation may differ according to floor functions.

  • Display of the actual moisture ( % )
  • Display of hectolitre weight ( kg/hl ) and grain temperature ( C° )
  • Calculation and display of the flow capacity by an integrated weighing system or by preconnected scale or dosing gate system ( kg ).
  • Input of the desired target moisture ( optional six different types of cereals )
  • Calculation of water flow and its display ( litres/hour )
  • Water dosing control with display of consumed water flow ( litres )
  • Display of actual moisture, of grain flow capacity and of water flow as a graphic presentation over a time span of 12 hours.
  • Limit value control of moisture, throughput rate, hectolitre weight and actual water
  • RS 232/485 interface to connect with an external PC

a) the MOISTURE MEASURING UNIT containing bypass pipe must be installed upstream of the conditioning screw. Optional installation can be upstream of the latest elevator. The moisture measuring electrode is already wired in dust-free unit ( zone 20 licensed ) to avoid dust explosion.
b) the EVALUATION and CONTROL ELECTRONICS made of latest microprocessor technology with multilingual menu and contain the following functions
c) the WATER DOSAGE UNIT can be installed anywhere along the water supply line of the conditioning screw and can be operated manually.

4. Sistem de masurare online a umiditatii

The MC 1 moisture measuring unit is used for continuous monitoring of the moisture contents of free-flowing bulk materials, in particular grain and granulates, on a continuous basis. A high frequency probe, centrally mounted in a measuring pipe, measures the relative permittivity and temperature of the bulk material passing the probe. These values are continuously processed by the evaluation unit in order to determine the moisture contents of the material; this is then displayed digitally. If the density of the material is subject to strong fluctuations, an optional density measuring system can be supplied in order to compensate for this. The evaluation unit can be mounted in any position; it is dust-tight and suitable for wall mounting.

The moisture signal is automatically controlled by two adjustable limit values. A current exit (4 - 20 mA) for the transient moisture signal can be supplied for recording and control systems.

  • Ratings: Temperature range: 0 - 40° C
  • Measurement range dependent on the kind of bulk material approx.: 5 - 30 %
  • Degree of precision dependent on the kind of bulk material approx.: 0.1 - 1 %
  • Power supply: 230 V
  • AC Protection of the measuring probe: dust proof area type 10
  • Protection for electronic equipment: IP 54
  • Dimensions: Measuring pipe: Diameter120 mm, length 500 mm
  • Electronic equipment: 200 x 240 x 180 mm ( w x h x d)

5. Sistem de urmarire de proces ( pentru sinteza mãcinisului - urmarirea gradului de extractie )


Der Vermahlungscomputer VC 6 ist zur Auswertung von bis zu 16 Waagen geeignet, wobei gleichzeitig 2 Mühlensysteme erfasst werden können. Es wird die momentane Durchsatzleistung jeder Waage in t/h, sowie die jeweilige Ausbeute in % von der I. Schrotwaage errechnet. Die Summe der Einzelausbeuten wird auch als Gesamtausbeute angezeigt. Neben der momentanen Ausbeute werden auch die Partieausbeuten angezeigt. Die einzelnen Mehlsorten werden getrennt erfasst und können so statistisch in Form von Partie- und auch Monatsprotokollen dargestellt werden.

Grenzwertüberwachung: Für jedes Produkt können 2 Grenzwerte eingestellt werden, beim Über- oder Unterschreiten dieser Grenzwerte wird ein Signal ausgegeben. Hierdurch ist es möglich die gesamte Mühle einfach zu überwachen.


Die einzelnen Ausbeuten werden auch grafisch in Form von Ausbeutekurven direkt im Display über die letzten 24 Stunden aufgezeichnet.


Für jedes Produkt kann eine Vorwahlmenge aktiviert werden. Beim Erreichen der Vorwahlmenge wird ein Relais betätigt.


Eine serielle Schnittstelle zur Kommunikation mit einem Büro-PC ist optional lieferbar. Von diesem PC aus kann unter dem Betriebssystem Windows 95/98/2000/NT jederzeit der Zustand der Mühle kontrolliert werden, auch ist hier der Ausdruck von Schichtprotokollen möglich.

Technische Daten:

  • Netzspannung: 230 Volt, 50/60 Hz, 0,5 A.
  • Waagen: 8 oder 16, Impulswertigkeit einstellbar, bis zu 4 Analogwaagen (optional)
  • Analogausgänge: 2 = 0 - 10 Volt (optional) z. B. zur Ansteuerung von Vitamindosierer
  • Leistungssteuerung: für I. Schrotwaage (optional)
  • Maße-Wandgehäuse: Breite: 400 mm, Höhe: 350 mm, Tiefe: 180 mm
  • Schutzart: IP 54, direkte Montage in der Mühle ist möglich.
  • Maße-Schalttafeleinbau: Breite: 255 mm, Höhe 183 mm, Tiefe: 62 mm.
  • Schutzart: IP 64 frontseitig

6. Urmarirea calorimetrica a fainurilor

The FC 2 flour colour controller consists of a measuring pipe with a glass insert (length of insert = 200 mm, diameter = 120, 150 or 200 mm). The device is normally installed in the run-off pipe immediately downstream of the flour worm. The measuring pipe is fitted with a special optical sensor which continuously measures the reflection of the flour being conveyed through the pipe.

The degree of this reflection is always determined by the colour or lightness of the flour. The evaluation unit of the monitoring system processes the measuring signal and establishes a mean value. This signal is shown continuously on a digital display.

In the case of a given grain mixture, it is also possible to compensate for the crude ash content of the flour. The measuring signal is automatically controlled by two adjustable limit values. It is possible to register the flour colour over a period of time by means of a recording unit. The constant display and control of the transient lightness value help to make the task of the mill supervision simpler and safer. A particular advantage of this system is the fact that flour sieve defects in the plansifter are immediately identified and relayed to the operator.